Mortgage Debate: Should the home

The Euribor continues to rise – it will end May around 2.15% – and, at the end of each month, all mortgages look at it with concern to see how much they will have to pay when they have to check their credit . But in parallel to that data, they are also increasingly focused […]

AMP Herrera announces 3 lines of

The president of the Board, Juan Vicente Herrera, announced on Friday the launch, through the Agency for Innovation and Financing, of three lines of loans for entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and self-employed for the amount of 11O million euros and, for the first time, they are open to the agri-food sector of the Community. For more information […]

The deputation helps municipalities in

The municipalities with problems to deal with the loans for payment to suppliers have the help of the Diputación de Sevilla to carry out the refinancing of the same, with tools provided by the institution, through the Unit of Advice to Municipalities of the Opaef and with the digital applications that the Inpro Informática Society […]

The City Council awards a

The Local Government Board of the City of Logroño has approved this Wednesday to award a loan of 8,330,000 euros to the entity Cajas Rurales Unidas, Sociedad Cooperativa de Crédito (Cajamar), which has offered an increase of 1.43% over the rate of Euribor to three months. The Local Government Board of the City of Logroño […]

ICASS will launch a new

The director of the Cantabrian Institute of Social Services (ICASS), Isabel Urrutia, announced Monday that during this month a new “Nice pioneer” project will be launched “officially” to provide “any product of disability support “-like articulated beds, a bypass or shower accessories-, to the people of the region who need it and be able to” […]

A court annuls four mortgage

The court of instruction number 3 of Torrent (Valencia) has canceled the granting of four mortgage loans that formalized “with usury” a lender signature to apply “leonine conditions” to a self-employed worker “taking advantage of the distressing situation of need for money” He had not to be seized by the company and that included a […]

The “luodai”, private loans to

A new scandal has stormed the networks in China: the “luodai”, name that receives the extortion of some private lenders on young women who contribute intimate photos and videos to be able to access credits that they can not get in conventional financial institutions. In case they can not cope with the debt, those affected […]

The Principality should publish and

In addition, it notes that “in the case of operations instrumented through extraordinary or additional financing mechanisms, in addition, a systematized summary of the destination of the funds obtained should be added.” “Similarly, future issues of debt or any other appeals to the public credit that occur should be published in the future with that […]

The Diputación de Cá

The Provincial Council of Cáceres on Tuesday presented the Financial Fund for Reimbursable Advances to Local Entities, an initiative endowed with ten million euros that will allow the institution to grant “loans” to the municipalities of the province that must be returned at zero interest. This is an initiative launched by the Government team of […]

A Valencian company filed a

This is stated in the resolution, in which the judge admits the complaint filed by the Valencian company, represented by Navarro Larriba Abogados, against Bankia, an attorney-in-fact and director of the bank, BFA Tenedora de Acción SAU , Krratus Inversiones Designaterd Activity Company – offshore company – and Hipoges Ibercia SL The complaint includes the […]

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