The Government requests authorization from

The operations will be granted through the public company Sodena, for an amount of up to 3 million euros in the case of the movable industry; and 2.5 million for the tourist park located at the foot of the Bardenas Reales.

Likewise, these legislative initiatives are subject to regularization of the loans and guarantees that these two companies have received from Sodena in the last four years (2014 to 2017) and that, “by mistake, were processed without knowledge of the Parliament of Navarre, in against the provisions of 2014 in the updating of the statutory regulations on Public Finance of Navarra, “the Executive has indicated.


The office furniture company Dynamobel has had public support since 2011, firstly through Nafinco and currently with Sodena. The company has maintained an average workforce of 310 permanent and 30 additional temporary jobs in its Peralta and Berrioplano plants in the last three years.

Financially, the merchant has experienced three previous processes of restructuring its liabilities, in the years of 2011, 2013 and 2015, in which there has been an injection of public capital for a total value of 11.2 million euros and property contributions that add another 30 million.

Since March 2017, the joint work of the shareholders of Dynamobel and the Government of Navarra, through Sodena, has allowed the public company to enter the shareholding of the company (with 32.44% of the capital) and has capitalized a significant volume of social debt, in order to facilitate the entry of new private investors in the firm, the Executive said.

A business plan has been prepared that aims to consolidate the firm’s revenue volume (with a forecast of 36 million for the current year) and a continued rise in the next four years, until reaching a figure close to 50 million euros. euros of income for 2021. The financing of the business plan for this year 2018 requires the injection of a capital of six million euros, which will be contributed equally for the ownership of the company and the Government of Navarra, in this case a through the loan for which today it has been agreed to request authorization from the Parliament of Navarra.


For its part, the second legal project approved today aims to give continuity to the activity of the tourist park Sendaviva, which “is consolidated as the largest attraction pole of the Merindad de Tudela and one of the main community of the whole statutory”.

Sendaviva closed 2017 with a staff of 51 direct jobs and 173 indirectly generated and an investment by the 183,719 visitors that received this park in its facilities and its area of ​​influence that amounted to 12.8 million euros. One in three visitors (33.53%) spent at least one night in the Ribera.

As it had been done, the Government of Navarre in this legislature continues to inject between 2 and 2.5 million annually to this initiative of family tourism, while the tax collection of infrastructure is estimated at 4 million euros per year for this period.

The public contribution requested to the Parliament of Navarra, of up to 2.5 million euros, will serve to cover the operating deficit of the facility in 2018, in accordance with the least optimistic forecasts of the financial projections for the commercial year.

By 2018, the Government has indicated, the company will improve its efficiency in the control of ordinary expenses, plans to undertake improvements in quality and comfort in its facilities (as well as the start-up of a bus line that connects the train station of Tudela and the most important hotels in the area with the park) and develop a programming and marketing strategy that allows attracting more visitors, as well as getting families that already know Sendaviva to repeat.